Take Ai to the Edge

Accelerate artificial intelligence, automation and autonomous projects

Put advanced projects on the fast track to market with the Crystal Group AVC line of products. Each product combines impressive compute power, data-handling capabilities, and storage capacity in a compact, rugged solution that can withstand harsh conditions and environments — including rough terrain, collisions and extreme temperatures that cause traditional systems to fail.

Available in custom or off-the-shelf configurations, the Crystal Group AVC line of high-performance computers optimize the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, high-capacity DDR4 memory, and leading edge thermal management in a rugged chassis. 

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Latest Crystal Group news

Innovating autonomous driving for commercial trucking

Today’s trucking companies are facing a shortage of qualified drivers. This issue is compounded by the inherent challenges of human operation — such as staying awake, avoiding distractions, and capably navigating traffic and weather conditions — while ensuring safe, on-time delivery. By equipping semi-tractor-trailers with autonomous, AI-enabled capabilities, TuSimple is working to alleviate the industry’s human capital challenges, improve operating efficiencies, reduce risks related to human error, and make our roads safer.

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Crystal Group accelerating autonomous vehicle development for harsh edge environments

Equipped to handle the harsh and unpredictable operating challenges inherent to edge environments, Crystal Group’s rugged AV servers deliver the critical combination of robust compute power with hardened physical assets. This ensures demanding AV applications, like military ground vehicles, submarines and aircraft, heavy construction equipment, and over-the-road trucking, can execute seamless performance regardless of ever-changing conditions.

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Getting to the 'Core' of AV thermal management

Comprehensive AV situational awareness requires a minimum of CPU cores on the order of 112 cores and 48 teraflops of double-precision CUDA cores per platform. Crystal Group introduced the world’s only 12-V DC, ATX-compliant server power supply that delivers 1500 watts and outputs waste heat with a liquid cooling system for power-hungry AV computing. 

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